February 10, 2016

A Yuuuuuge Night In New Hampshire!






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New Hampshire: It Was A Yuuuuge Night! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the world witnessed a Donald Trump victory speech last night as both he and Bernie Sanders upended politics as usual and won their respective primaries in New Hampshire.

  • Bernie Sanders won an expected victory over rival Hillary Clinton, beating her ~60-40%. The victory puts him in the lead going into Nevada and South Carolina. He is the first non-Christian to ever win a state primary. 
  • Donald Trump also took home an expected victory in the crowded Republican field regaling us with a victory speech full of half finished sentences and vague promises. We imagined what a possible Trump inauguration speech might sound like.
  • John Kasich held a victory rally after coming in surprising second place (with less than half the number of votes of Donald Trump). If that isn’t a man who sees the glass half full we don’t know who is.
  • Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio virtually tied for third place ensuring that it remains a crowded field going into South Carolina. 
  • Jim Gilmore is still in the race.
The 2016 election is probably the most interesting presidential election we can recall and it is only getting started.

Syria: Why Fight A Proxy War When You Can Fight A Real One
Saudi Arabia and Turkey may be mulling a ground invasion to create a “safe space” in Northern Syria for Saudi-backed rebels and civilians who are fleeing a Syrian government offensive.  The government, along with Russian airstrikes and Iranian support, is encircling the city of Aleppo and may sever the last major supply route into the city, threatening access to food, water and medical supplies to ~300,000 people trapped inside.

A Saudi invasion of Northern Syria would put US allies within the sights of a Russian bombing campaign, threatening to escalate the war even further. Saudi is already bogged down in another civil war in Yemen. 



Budget: Obama Looks Forward To Fighting With Congress One More Time Obama unveiled a $4.1 trillion budget plan for 2017 that will cement his legacy and ensure that he spends the last year of his term fighting with congress. The budget sets long term objectives for the country, focusing on things like cancer research, cybersecurity, digital government services (good bye DMV), infrastructure and a host of environmental initiatives. Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan rejected it right off the bat, setting up a long eight months of debate.    

GOOD READ: The 2017 Budget Plan Via The White House

North Korea: Uh… What Do We Do About These Guys? The US said that North Korea (NK) might be able to start producing more powerful, plutonium based nuclear weapons once it gets enough plutonium from its Yongbyon reactor in a few weeks. The country’s assertive nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs are rattling nerves on both sides of the pacific as allies and foes struggle to contain them. 

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Trains: Ten people died when two trains collided head on in the German state of Bavaria. Authorities ruled that the crash was the result of “human error.”
  • Pollution: The US Supreme Court put a hold on Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” until it heard challenges from several states. The plan is part of a broader push to renewable energy (see the budget above). 
  • Happiness: The UAE announced a major government restructuring last week, closing a few ministries and creating new ministries for (and this is true) “happiness and tolerance.” Ah, to live in a country that cares about this stuff. 


Japan Concedes That Egypt Can Build Bigger Pyramids After failing to solve the mystery of the missing subway straps authorities in Japan are setting their sights on another top priority item, human pyramids. The practice, known as kumitaiso, is apparently very popular in high school gyms. Authorities are concerned at the high incidence of serious injuries due to overly ambitious pyramid building by the students. From now on, human pyramids will be limited to five tiers only… We would hate to be at the bottom of that.  


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