February 22, 2016

Election season heats up and the countdown to Brexit






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#pnut4prez: South Carolina & Nevada Speak Volumes, & Say Peace Out Jeb! Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both won big in South Carolina and Nevada, respectively. Trump’s victory ”at a significant gain of nearly 10% over Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio” helped Jeb Bush finally see the light. After spending way too much on his campaign, Jeb Bush finally dropped out of the race. Meanwhile, Hillary’s win does not necessarily mean the end of Bernie Sanders, but the stabilizing victory is expected to slow the Bern down in the polls. 
What does this mean? At this point, we have to accept the reality that Donald Trump is the GOP frontrunner. He has dominated pre-election polling for months, but the media has taken solace in the margin of error, believing he’ll eventually go away. We were wrong. Not only is this Trump’s second primary win, but the sweeping victory proves that he can win over the Deep South, meaning he has the potential to pick up even more support. 

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Brexit: That Unnecessary EU Crisis After several all-nighters, EU leaders came to a unanimous agreement on a revised EU treaty with Britain. The treaty would give Britain a “special status.” UK PM David Cameron announced a referendum on whether or not the UK stays in the EU for June 23. The referendum has Europe, already reeling from refugee and Greek debt crises, on edge, especially as conservative heavy weights like Boris Johnson say they will campaign for an “out” vote. The British Pound is down 1.6% this morning since the announcement. 


NUTS AND BOLTS: SHOULD READUS Bombs ISIS Camp In Libya, Kills Serbian Embassy Staffers By AccidentAmerican warplanes carried out an attack in Sabratha, Libya, killing at least 38 people in what was believed to be an ISIS recruiting and training camp. Unfortunately, two Serbian Embassy staffers who had been held hostage there since November also died in Friday’s attacks. Prime Minister Aleksander Vucic confirmed their deaths, saying, “Apparently, the Americans were not aware that foreign citizens were being kept there.” US officials have not made an official statement of the matter, but believe that it’s likely they also killed Tunisian extremist Noureddine Chouchane

GOOD READ: ISIS’ Grip On Libyan City Gives It A Fallback Option

Kalamazoo Shootings Prompts Questions About Uber Security Jason B. Dalton was arrested on Sunday for allegedly killing six and wounding two on a casual shooting spree in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Sure, that doesn’t sound casual at all, but listen to the itinerary: in between the random shootings at an apartment complex, a car dealership, and a Cracker Barrel, the gunman continued to pick up and drop off Uber patrons as part of his weekend routine as an Uber driver. Uber’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan said he was “horrified” by the news, which makes sense. It’s horrifying even when your job is not on the line.
Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Bolivia: President Evo Morales lost a referendum that would have allowed him to stay on for a fourth term. Constitution 1, Latin American Populism 0.  
  • Scalia’s Funeral: The late Supreme Court Justice’s funeral was held this Saturday in Washington. While mourning Scalia’s loss, it was the who’s who of DC. Notably absent: President Obama.
  • Haryana Riots: Protests by the rural Jat caste call for access to government jobs, but have cut off water supply to Delhi. India has sent troops into Haryana to quell protests. 


Oil Is Now So Cheap, Pirates Aren’t Stealing It Anymore Stealing oil from a ship was never an easy gig. Pirates would have to hijack the tanker, disable tracking devices and be on top of every little detail if they wanted to snag a little crude oil. But in today’s economy, it’s just not worth the effort. With the price of oil now plummeting to below $30 a barrel, the piracy business has tanked.  


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