January 08, 2016

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Happy Friday Pnutters! George Washington delivered his first State of The Union Address today in 1790. Aim a little lower and book some much deserved vacation to one of these 52 amazing places.



Forced Famine In Syria Siege May Be Lifted Heartbreaking images out of three besieged villages in Syria forced the government to allow humanitarian aid into at least one of them, Madaya. The other two villages, in the North, are currently under siege by rebel forces who, as of writing, have not yet permitted aid into the villages. The situation in these villages is so dire that some residents are dying of malnutrition while others eat grass or just soil in scenes not witnessed since the Ethiopian famines of the 1990’s. If you know of any aid agencies working with victims of the Syrian Civil War please email us. 
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Markets: Argh, Please Make It Stop!China bounced back this morning after a particularly gloomy day for the markets yesterday in which the Dow dropped 2.3%. China suspended a rule that said the market would close if it dropped more than 7% in a day, but in return government funds began buying stocks (ensuring that prices don’t fall). Not sure how sustainable this is as governments intervening that directly in the stock market often doesn’t end well… 



World’s Most Incompetent Terrorist Shot In Paris On Anniversary of ‘Charlie’ Attack One year after the terrorist attack against the offices of satirical cartoonist Charlie Hebdo a man wielding ISIS insignia, a knife and fake explosives tried entering a Paris police station before being promptly shot. It is unclear what the man was hoping to accomplish with fake explosives but he certainly put Paris, a city reeling from multiple terrorist attacks, on edge.

Iran And Saudi Inch Closer To Doing Something (Even More) StupidIran accused Saudi warplanes of damaging its embassy and wounding staff in Sanaa, Yemen, yesterday. Saudi, which has been bombing Yemen for over six months now, denied that it struck anywhere near the embassy. The rivalry between these two countries (and the huge amount of misinformation) continues making the world’s most unstable region even more unstable… quite an accomplishment.

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Obama Fires At The NRA (Another Bad Pun Intended) The President took his gun control message directly to the people in a CNN town hall yesterday. The President took questions from gun enthusiasts and accused the NRA (who, we assume, didn’t want to show up unarmed) of spreading a conspiracy theory that he wants to confiscate your guns and impose martial law (spoiler alert: he doesn’t). Looks like Obama will make this the final fight of his presidency. 

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Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Lottery: What would you do with $700 Million? You could run for the GOP nomination or even buy braces for every single person in the UK and France (much needed). The Powerball Saturday jackpot is exactly this amount. Go buy now!
  • US Dietary Guidance: The US government released its latest guidelines to promote healthy eating (basically a war between food lobbyists). Sugar lost, meat won and eggs won a cracking victory. You’ve only got till January 17 before you’ll statistically break your resolutions…so eat what you want.
  • Venezuela Inflate-gate: Venezuela had an inflation rate of 85% in 2015. Socialist President Maduro tapped sociologist, Luis Salas, to help fix the ailing economy. One small problem. Salas believes that “inflation does not exist in real life.” Riiiight.


South Korea To Annoy North Korea Into SubmissionIn the absence of an avenue for direct military action (because North Korea has nuclear weapons and tons of artillery aimed at Seoul) South Korea has opted for a less dramatic, but equally annoying, punishment in response to the North’s “H-bomb” test this week. The South will be blasting pop music over the border. This would be like if Canada snuck in a subversive pop “star” into the US to pollute the minds of teenage Americans… oh wait, isn’t Bieber Canadian? You can hear the South’s full lineup here.

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In case you were wondering, yes the “militia” in Oregon is still around.
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