December 07, 2015

‘We Will Overcome’



It’s that time of year, so we decided no better way to ring in the holidays than by asking our favorite NYC-based stylist and personal shopper, Carly Schuster of MuseXCarly, to curate a holiday shopping list featuring brands we love and think you will too. Stay tuned from now till Christmas to make your holidays on fleek (we caved and used this word… shh).



Obama: ‘We Will Overcome [Terror]’

President Obama addressed the nation in a rare Oval Office speech discussing terrorism and the San Bernardino shooting, where 14 people were killed last week. Obama acknowledged that the shooting was an act of terror and that the US was engaged in a difficult war against ISIS (or ISIL). Highlights of his speech:
  • Calling on Congress to limit access to weapons for people on “no-fly” lists and limit the sales of assault weapons in general.
  • Asking Congress to vote to authorize military action in Iraq and Syria.
  • Encouraging Americans to resist suspicion and discrimination against Muslims (despite the fact that it is an election year).
  • Calling on all Muslims to fight ISIS’s extremist ideology. 
The President also reiterated that he would stick with the current plan in Syria of airstrikes and special forces (and, presumably, lots of Hope). Republican Presidential leaders were not impressed by the speech. 

GOOD LINK: The Full Speech (With Transcript)


French Elections: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité… Kind Of

France went to the polls in regional elections for the first time since last month’s Paris Attacks by Islamic extremists. For the first time ever the Islamophobic, far-right National Front party came first overall and had the lead in six our of thirteen regions. However, they will still need to win next Sunday’s run-off election against the Conservative party to actually govern. A far-right party has already won a majority in Poland and is part of the ruling coalition in Greece… Uncertain times ahead for Europe.  

Venezuela Elections: ‘I Swear We Are A Democracy’

The opposition party thumped the Chavesian (Chavesim?) party of President Nicolas Maduro (Hugo Chaves’ successor) in parliamentary elections yesterday. This is the first time the opposition will be in power in over 16 years, since Hugo Chaves began instituting his “Bolivarian” revolution. The situation remains contentious as it is unclear exactly how much power the parliament will have vs Maduro, who retains the Presidency.

CYNICAL LINK: Is Venezuela A Dictatorship Or Democracy?

British Tube Attacker ‘Ain’t No Muslim Bruv’

Three people were stabbed on the London “Tube” (subway) yesterday in an apparent terror attack. The assailant allegedly yelled “this is for Syria!” before being tasered by the police. People fear that terrorists may target London for a Paris-style attack following Britain’s new bombing campaign in eastern Syria. British Muslims were quick to respond to the attacker with the incredibly British hashtag #youaintnoMuslimbruv 

OPEC: ‘Drill Baby, Drill!”

The Saudi-Iranian rivalry dominated the OPEC (oil cartel) meeting last week as the countries couldn’t reach an agreement on how much oil they can produce. Iran and others (Venezuela) wanted Saudi Arabia to cut production so that prices could rise, but they didn’t want to cut production themselves (seems awfully unfair). Iran even pledged that it would raise output now that sanctions are being eased. The result? Lower oil prices for the rest of us.   

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Yemen: ISIS claimed an attack that killed the Governor of Aden (the only province controlled by the government). The attacks shows just how badly Saudi’s “coalition of the willing” is doing in it’s war in Yemen.
  • Cured Carter: Jimmy Carter declared that he is cancer free! He made the announcement while teaching a Sunday school class (he still teaches at 91??). Hallelujah! 
  • COP 21: Delegates at the Climate Change summit in Paris agreed on a draft text over the weekend for how to save our planet from climate change. Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger kept us abreast via a Snapchat feed (follow him at arnoldschnitzel).



MuseXCarly’s Pick For The Bedroom: Morgan Lane

Morgan Lane, a New York based modern lingerie brand designed and founded by Morgan Curtis, will keep your bedroom spicy this holiday season. So ladies, even if you do choose to spend your time off in bed, do so in style with this sexy and tasteful lingerie and sleepwear line. Gentlemen, you’ll win major brownie points if you come home with a present from Morgan Lane… promise. From silk pajama sets, to sleeping masks and chic lingerie, you are bound to find something you won’t want to miss. Click on the links below to shop the pieces now!Follow @MuseXCarly for fun and check out her blogpost on Morgan Lane here.
“One more hug.”

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