November 06, 2015

“We Are One Family!”



We are very sorry it’s Monday Pnutters. We could say “go seize the day and change the world” but instead how about just getting through the day and you’ll be one step closer to the weekend.


Russian Plane: If It Looks Like A Bomb, Smells Like A Bomb

Investigators are now 90% sure that a bomb downed a Russian plane over Egypt, killing 224 people. US officials said that they believed ISIS was behind the bombing and that it may have been placed by an airport worker in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh. They did not, however, produce any evidence to back that theory. Meanwhile, Russia suspended flights to Egypt and flew 11,000 of its tourists home. What now? The investigation leaves many questions unresolved, particularly the “who” and “how.” The airline industry is looking into boosting security at airports. Bombing an airplane marks a major shift in ISIS’ strategy, making things more complicated for the dozen countries currently bombing them. One thing is for certain, no one envies Putin this week.

Obama Takes Seven Years To Make An XL Snap Decision

After seven years of deliberations, the Obama administration finally decided to reject the Keystone XL pipeline project. Obama rejected the pipeline due to environmental concerns, citing America’s leadership role in the fight against climate change. TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, had retracted its request for approval of the project, hoping to try their luck with the next president. In a classic case of really not caring Obama chose to reject it anyway.


One Small Step for Burma, One Giant Leap For….Burma

Millions of resident in Myanmar/Burma (what’s the difference?)  voted yesterday in the country’s first non-BS elections in 25 years. A military junta (jargon for a bunch of generals) has ruled the country since 1962.  The opposition is headed up by Aung San Suu Kyi who has been under house arrest since 1989 and whose NLD party is expected to win. This is a big step for a country which moved its empty capital city to a jungle based on astrological advice.

GOOD READ: Profile Of Aung San Suu Kyi


China And Taiwan Are One Big Happy Family, But Not Really

President Xi Jinping of China told his Taiwanese counterpart, President Ma, that China and Taiwan were “one big family.” The two countries’ leaders met this weekend for the first time since they split up in 1949. While the meeting was a powerful overture no major agreements came out of it. Both leaders conceptually back the idea of reunification but there are still some major obstacles (like that whole “communism” thing). 

Putin Media Advisor Found Dead In DC Hotel…

A long-time advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin was found dead in a DC hotel over the weekend. Mikhail Lesin, was the former Head of Media Affairs at the Kremlin (job description: more stories like this). Lesin was under scrutiny after it emerged that he had somehow bought $28 million of LA real estate on a government wage. The Kremlin paid tribute to him for his role in the formation of “modern Russian media”. Russia’s last independent English-language paper was shut down last week.

#pnut4prez: Ben Carson Pulls A Joe Biden

Ben Carson took a page out Joe Biden’s book this week (he exaggerated stories about his youth and plagiarized a speech in 1987). Carson claimed he was offered a “full scholarship” to West Point yet there is no record of his application, never mind his admission to the Academy or the fact that West Point doesn’t offer “full scholarships.” Carson’s response to the allegations of falsehood: “It was, you know, an informal ‘with a record like yours we could easily get you a scholarship to West Point'” kind of deal.
 Pnut’s Interview With Dr. Carson

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Bibi’s Visits The US Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu arrives in Washington today to meet with President Obama on security, aid and that Iran Deal. Obama and Bibi are not exactly known to be the best of friends.
  • Nissan-Renault merger: French PM Manuel Valls has ruled out a merger between the French and Japanese car companies. The French Government increased its stake in Renault without telling Carlos Ghosn, CEO of both companies. Conflict of interest much?
  • Missouri:. Black football players from the University of Missouri in Columbia are tackling racism (pun intended) by boycotting any college football games until the President of the University resigns.


California Narrowly Avoids Alien Invasion

Residents in Southern California had an eventful Saturday night after strange lights appeared in the skies above them. The Internet was flooded with videos of the lights amid speculation of an alien invasion or the actual existence of Batman. Eventually, the US Navy issued a statement saying it was only a missile test (err..ok). Most people would feel happier with aliens.
Tragedy or farce?
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