October 22, 2015

Thursday Take Over: US Politics



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Paul Ryan On His Way To Becoming Speaker

House Speaker might be the least coveted job in American politics at the moment (and it’s a pretty low bar), but congratulations to Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) for pulling through. Last night a majority of the Freedom Caucus (code for House Tea Party contingency) voted in support of Ryan becoming Speaker, providing the assurance of unity he stipulated to move forward. Ryan still has yet to comment as to whether a majority vote is good enough. It’s been a long haul for the Republicans, with Boehner’s sudden resignation followed by next-in-line Kevin McCarthy falling on his own sword over remarks about the Benghazi Committee. House Republicans might now be able to exhale a sigh of relief. If all goes well, Ryan will likely be confirmed next week.

GOOD READ: ‘The Freedom Caucus’ Unprecedented Insurgency’ (via Politico)

#pnut4prez: Joe Biden Finally Decides He Won’t Run  After months of playing hard to get, Joe Biden finally announced that he will not be hitting the campaign trail in 2016. Biden said that while he will not be a candidate, he “will not be silent” and will use his position to influence the Democratic party and race to replace President Obama. He showed that almost immediately, by implicitly criticizing Hillary for distancing herself from the Obama. Hillary didn’t seem to care as she (very) enthusiastically welcomed Biden’s announcement on Facebook.   NUTS AND BOLTS: SHOULD READ

Assad And Putin Have A Romantic Dinner, Discuss War  

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad left Syria for the first time since the civil war started in 2011 to visit his buddy Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Putin, who has been supporting Assad with an aerial bombardment and new weapons, reiterated his support to help Syria “fight terrorists.” He also indicated that he would help broker a political solution, which would complement his military campaign. It is unclear how sincere Putin is about that though. The US wasn’t pleased
 Pnut’s Nutshell: Syrian Civil War  
Netanyahu Upsets More People Than Usual  
Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu pissed off a lot of people when he indicated that a 1941 visit by the Palestinian Mufti of Jerusalem persuaded Hitler to carry out the Holocaust. Professor Dina Porat, senior historian at Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, called the statements a “distortion of history.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel clarified that Germany “abides by its responsibility for the Holocaust.” Portugal: Because Europe Needed Another Greece An unlikely alliance between Communists, Socialists and other Leftists threatens to upend the political order in Portugal (the P in PIGS). The three parties are banding together under the leadership of Antonio Costa to push out the center-right, austerity-embracing government of Anibal Cavaco Silva. Costa’s proposals to get debt relief and roll back austerity are similar to those of Greece’s Alexis Tsipras who tried (and failed) a similar proposal last summer.              
Keeping Our Eye On…
  • Benghazi: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify in front of the Benghazi Committee today in what promises to be a daylong hearing full of… we’re not sure what.
  • Oscars 2016: Expect a good show. Comedian Chris Rock will be hosting a second time. Last time around was in 2005 where he got into it with Jude Law… and many others.
  • Ferrari: Can’t afford the luxury car? Maybe you can buy part of the company though. Ferrari IPO’ed on the NYSE yesterday, with it’s stock racing up 7.5% on the first day of trading.


Strewth… Australia Might Change Currency To ‘Dollarydoo’

Australia is a country with a lot of deadly animals and an economy in trouble after a recent drop in commodity prices. One man has decided to take economic matters into his own hands by starting a petition to change the currency to “Dollarydoos” based on the Bart vs. Australia episode of the Simpsons. Everyone will want “Dollarydoos” thereby driving up the value of the currency. Hang on… this is economic genius.
YouTube user Alphacat, famous for Obama impersonations, has just outdone himself with an Obama/Drake mashup like you’ve never seen before.
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