October 02, 2015

‘Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.’ – Barack Obama and Weekend Reads



We sat down with Senator Gillibrand to discuss the Iran Deal, 2016 and life in general. Read the full interview here.


Oklahoma Shooting Leaves 10 Dead And Obama Angry

A rogue shooter at Umpqua Community College in Oregon killed 10 people yesterday in the 294th mass shooting in America in 2015 (yes you read that right, 294, that is 20 more shootings than we have had days in 2015). The shooting seemed to be a last straw for President Obama who reacted with uncharacteristic frustration in a press conference. Obama had harsh criticism for those who said the answer to these shootings was more guns, saying we had “become numb to this.” He called on lawmakers to take action to stop mass shootings from happening again, saying that “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.” It is not like there isn’t a precedent. Australia curbed mass shootings with stricter gun control laws 19 years ago… looks like it worked out fine. You can see Obama’s full speech here.


Syria: Russia From The Sky, Iran On The Ground

Russian airstrikes in Syria hit ISIS, Al-Qaeda and a few moderate rebels along the way as part of a continued effort to keep Bashar Al-Assad in power. Meanwhile, Iran sent ground forces… because why not at this point. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov justified his actions by saying “if it looks like a terrorist, acts like a terrorist, […] then it is a terrorist.” Probability that the war will be resolved soon: close to zero.

 Pnut’s Guide To A Mideast Proxy War

Japan: ‘We Are Here To Help As Long As You Don’t Come Here’

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe made a generous commitment to the international effort to help Syrian refugees, promising $1.6 billion to Lebanon, the Balkans and Iraq. However, Japan, which is suffering from a declining population, refused to take in any refugees itself, saying it had to take care of its own first. Japan is currently the third richest country in the world and has had a “no immigration policy” for years.      Hurricane Joaquin To Be Deported By Donald Trump
“Historic rainfall and flooding” are expected for Virginia and the Carolinas as Hurricane Joaquin continued its path northward, picking up steam. Joaquin was upgraded to a Category 4 storm after it barreled through the Bahamas last night. There is still a slight chance that Hurricane Joaquin changes its course and heads straight for the US East Coast this weekend… stay tuned, stay dry, stay sober… or not.

#pnut4prez: Hillary, Benghazi And Modern McCarthyism

Congressman McCarthy, the front-runner to replace Speaker of the House Boehner, seemed to admit that the entire Benghazi inquiry into Hillary Clinton was politically motivated. Team Hillary is not letting this opportunity pass, promising to strike back at McCarthy and her critics and hoping to finally put Benghazi and her never-ending email scandal behind her. Meanwhile, the FBI is looking into Hillary’s spam emails.

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Afghan Crashes: A US helicopter crash in Afghanistan killed 11 people including six US military personnel. NATO is trying to win back a town captured by the Taliban earlier this week.
  • Baseball: The Yankees made it into the playoffs on the wild card yesterday when they beat the Red Sox 4-1. Thrilling stuff…     


Who’s The World’s Most Attractive Donald?

The Hinge dating app, you know, the one that is just a little bit more respectable than Tinder, has compiled a list of 12 Donalds who are more dateable than The Donald (not possible). Donald Muir, currently a management consultant, is at number one with his favorite Trumpism: “Derek Jeter broke his ankle one day after he sold his apartment”. Do you know an eligible Donald?

Weekend Reads:

  A Closer Look: Planned Parenthood - Late Night with Seth Meyers
Can you guess which Republican thinks Planned Parenthood serves a purpose?
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