October 12, 2015

Middle East Turmoil Edition


We know we said we would take Columbus Day off, but unfortunately the Middle East wasn’t planning on doing the same.  


Turkey: Elections And The Syrian Civil War 

At least 120 people were killed by a twin bombing attack on a peace rally in Turkey’s capital, Ankara. The rally was protesting the continued violence between Turkey and the PKK (Kurdish separatists). Protesters rallied across Turkey, blaming the government for the bombings. The government said that ISIS was behind the bombings and that elections, scheduled for November, would continue. Meanwhile, the government decided to bomb the PKK anyway. 

What is going on in Turkey?
The Syrian Civil War is spilling over into Turkey as ISIS and Kurdish separatist groups have both expanded their presence in the country. Add the fact that Turkey’s Erdogan risks losing his parliamentary majority because of a new Kurdish political party and you have a recipe for a very confusing disaster. 

Israel: A Third Intifada In The Making?

Stabbings, rocket attacks, airstrikes, protests and counter-protests rocked Israel and the Palestinian territories over the weekend in what Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas’ Gaza leader, called a “third intifada.” Here are the headlines of what happened:
  • A spate of stabbings left wounded at least 10 Israeli Jews, including one child, and three Palestinians.
  • Militants in Gaza fired multiple rockets into Israel.
  • An Israeli airstrike in Gaza left several dead, including a pregnant woman and a toddler.
  • A 12-year-old Palestinian boy was killed during a protest in the West Bank. 
  • Dozens of Palestinians breached the Gaza border, resulting in the death of two minors.
  • Israeli PM Netanyahu said Israel wouldn’t tolerate any “incitement from within.”
The situation is tense and still evolving. The Pnut will be covering it as it develops throughout the week.  





Russia And Assad On The Move In Syria

Vladimir Putin defended Russia’s campaign in Syria on Sunday saying it was key to a “political compromise.” Syrian government forces made gains over the weekend, pushing back the rebels along three fronts. Meanwhile, Putin met with Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister after they watched a Formula One race in Sochi (how else to solve global issues). The two agreed that they would one day agree on Syria… maybe.  

 Pnut’s Nutshell on the Syrian Civil War

Iran ‘Mistakes’ Journalism For Treason

A verdict was reached in the trial, in Iran, of American-Iranian Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian. Rezaian has been in detention since July 2014 and accused with treason. The verdict is a major test in Iranian-American relations after the Iran Deal, either indicating a broader rapprochement or business as usual. We hope to find out what the verdict in the trial is any day now. 

#pnut4prez: Benghazi Committee Ex-Staffer Calls Investigation ‘Partisan’

An ex-staffer of the House Select Committee on Benghazi told CNN that the Benghazi investigation is “partisan.” The staffer, who considers himself a conservative Republican, served as an investigator for 10 months before being fired for allegedly not succumbing to the biased nature of the investigation. This comes just days after Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s comments that would seem to confirm the ex-staffer’s statements. The Committee Chairman adamantly denies the allegations.

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • House Speaker: After Rep. Kevin McCarthy pulled out of the race, it seems Paul Ryan is back in the mix and with high favorability. But mum’s the word on wether he’ll actually go forth.
  • Tamir Rice: Two outside investigators concluded this weekend that the officer who fatally shot the 12-year-old black boy in November 2014 acted “reasonably.†At the time of the incident, the boy was carrying a toy gun.
  • David Cameron: The British PM is keeping the EU on its toes ahead of his end of week meeting with the organization in Brussels. Wary of leaks, Cameron has left the agenda a big ?.



Forget Standing Desks… Embrace The Napping Desk 

We’ve all been there, that sluggish morning, lazy afternoon or exhausting evening spent in the office staring at your computer screen trying to stay awake while longing for 30 minutes of shut-eye. Meanwhile your chirpier colleagues are working away at their standing or treadmill desks happily typing away on their keyboards. Well, fear not, there might finally be the desk type for you. NL Studios has just designed a “nap desk” made for the more “horizontally inclined” workers. The desk would allow you to sneak in a nap during working hours without your colleagues being any wiser… The perfect thing to lobby for during your next annual review.   

Obama advises Kanye West on 2020 White House run
Pay attention Kanye. Obama has some advice for you.
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