October 06, 2015

Just the T(i)PP, Russian “volunteers,” Ukraine truce and angry French workers



Think the moon landing was a hoax? NASA has decided to prove you wrong by posting 10,000 incredible, “high definition” pictures of the moon landings… If only they had an iPhone 6S to take some decent photos.


Pacific Leaders Agree On Just The T(i)PP

Twelve Pacific Rim nations announced the world’s largest free trade treaty, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), yesterday. The 12 countries (basically everyone except China) account for about 40% of the world’s GDP and approximately 80% of the countries that are afraid of China. The agreement, if it finally gets approved, could be Obama’s greatest foreign policy legacy and one of the few things he gets done with bipartisan support. Luckily for him, he also has bipartisan opposition with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both coming out against the TPP (who said they can’t be friends).

Syria: That Place Most Likely To Start World War III   

Russian “volunteer” forces are expected to show up in Syria any day now as part of an ever-expanding Russian presence in the country. The competing Russian- and US-backed coalitions got too close for comfort yesterday as a Russian plane was intercepted in Turkish airspace. Turkey is a member of NATO, meaning that any Russian “accidents” against Turkey could cause a very, very dangerous NATO-Russia confrontation aka WWIII.

 Pnut’s Guide To A Mideast Proxy War



Ukraine Crisis Might Actually Be Improving

In a rare bit of good news, tensions in the Ukraine-Russian conflict seem to have eased. Ukraine has begun to withdraw tanks and artillery from the eastern part of the country. This comes after last week’s meeting between Putin and Ukraine’s President Poroshenko who agreed that everyone should calm down. Since 2014 Ukrainian government troops and pro-Russian “volunteers” have been fighting in Eastern Ukraine. As Ukraine improves so Syria worsens… coincidence?

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Israeli Palestinian Conflict Escalates

Tensions have risen in the Holy Land after a series of clashes between the two sides. A 13-year-old Palestinian boy was killed yesterday by Israeli forces amid increased violence over the past week, beginning with the murder of a Jewish couple by a Palestinian in front of their four children last Thursday. Israeli security forces announced that it arrested five Hamas militants suspected of killing the Israeli couple. As if the Middle East needs another crisis to not solve.      Air France Executives Chased By Angry Clothes-Ripping Mob Air France workers took their strike to a whole new level, as they proceeded to tear executives’ shirts off after storming a senior management meeting. Terrified senior managers fled the mob and had to be escorted away by police. The strike was in response to a proposed “restructuring plan” (what you hear when you are about to be fired) for the loss-making airline. The airline filed a criminal complaint against the workers. Needless to say a few “team-building” off-site excursions might be needed.

#pnut4prez: You’re Killing Me Smalls!

The Pnut and everybody else just wants to know already: will you or won’t you run for President, Mr. Vice President? According to Politico, there’s a pending family council meeting this weekend that will determine once and for all whether or not Biden will take the leap. If he does, he reportedly will start making the calls Monday, October 13, just one day before the first Democratic debate. Could a Clinton, Sanders, Biden line-up possibly rival the “Trump sprinkled with a little bit of Rubio, Jeb, Fiorina and Carson” show?    

Keeping Our Eye On….

    • California Right-To-Die: California has joined four other states in allowing terminally ill patients to legally end their lives under medical supervision. Oregon, Washington, Vermont and Montana already have in place similar laws.
  • Nobel Prize: Be on the lookout for the Peace Prize winner slated to be announced Friday (physics today and literature Thursday). Expect a possible Merkel victory
  • AA Flight: An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston had to make an emergency landing after one of the pilots was taken ill mid-flight. The pilot later passed away.


Vote For Me And I’ll Drink Your Goat’s Blood

A Florida candidate for the US Senate has come under criticism after it was released that he killed a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual. Augustus Sol Invictus (meaning majestic unconquered sun) of the Libertarian party said that his goat-slaying was probably just a “quibble” in many Americans’ minds. Even fellow members of his party raised only minor doubts about his electoral suitability, calling him a “fascist” who was promoting a “second world war.” Learn more about the self-titled “most-dangerous Libertarian in America.”
  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Mental Health (HBO)
John Oliver dropkicks the US mental health system.
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