October 30, 2015

A Quick Look at China’s ‘Pro-Baby’ Policy



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China Ends ‘One Child’ Policy, Implements ‘Two Child Policy’

The People’s Republic of China reversed a 36-year-old old family planning policy known as the “one child policy” that restricted couples to, you guessed it, one child. Couples will now be allowed to have two children (a 100% increase). China’s gender imbalance under the policy grew so extreme, with “117 boys for every 100 girls,” that one Chinese economist suggested legalizing polyandry (one woman, multiple husbands) to deal with the surplus of young, sexually furstrated, single men. How will this change China? Well, for one thing, there will be more babies, which will mean a younger population and eventually a younger workforce, sustaining more retirees. It should also mean more women given that it’s likely selective abortions of female fetuses will end. Finally, it could revive the flailing economy, as more babies mean more consumption (diapers, baby bottles, aspirin for yourself), although that economic boom will take at least nine months to take effect.

 Pnut’s Nutshell: China


US Economy Not As Chirpy As Before

The US economy grew at a significantly slower pace in the third quarter of 2015, dropping to 1.5% from a Q2 number of 3.9%. The numbers validate the Fed’s concern about the weak post Great Recession climate of slow growth and low inflation, which prompted the Fed to delay raising interest rates. The phenomenon isn’t confined to the US, with China, Europe and other major economies suffering from similar ails.


EU Parliament Protects Snowden

The EU Parliament (yes, such a thing exists) voted to “protect Edward Snowden” from being extradited to the US where he was wanted for leaking secrets about how the NSA spies on everyone. The vote, which isn’t legally binding, recognized Snowden as a “whistle-blower and international human rights defender.” Snowden, who is currently in Russia and probably clamoring for a change of scenery, called the vote a “game-changer.”

GOOD VIDEO: John Oliver interviews Edward Snowden


US To Russia: Excuse Me, Getting A Bit Too Close Are We?

US F-16’s were scrambled off the coast of South Korea to intercept Russian fighter jets that were getting a little too close for comfort to a US aircraft carrier. The incident, which both sides quickly resolved, embodies the tense relations and frequent challenges to the US’ ability to “project power.” The incident occurs only a few days after the US challenged Chinese maritime claims in the South China Sea and might reflect Russian “bandwagoning” in a possible US-China chill.

#pnut4prez: Introducing The New And Improved (Super) Marco Rubio

After a slow start to the campaign, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is emerging as a powerful contender for the Republican nomination. Having neutralized fellow Floridian Jeb Bush in yesterday’s debate, rumors are circulating that he is the new Establishment favorite. His team is already picking on Jeb Bush’s carcass, going straight for the donors. Hillary will have her hands full with this one.

GOOD READ: “The Prodigal Son” (via Politico) 

Keeping Our Eye On…
  • Syria Conference: Frenemies (but really maybe just enemies) Saudi Arabia and Iran meet today in Vienna to discuss to the Syrian conflict. The purpose of the meeting: to apparently gauge likelihood of a “peace” deal.
  • Gypsy Memorial: The Berlin memorial in honor of Gypsy victims of the Holocaust was desecrated with a spray-painted swastika and the words “gas them.” With the influx of refugees into Germany, there is fear of increased right-wing extremist violence.
  • Iranian-American Arrested: An Iranian-American businessman who promoted closer ties between the two nations was arrested in Iran, an indication that Iran is trying to control foreign investment. This comes after the detainment of a few other businessmen with links to foreign companies.


Sepp Blatter Calls The US A Sore Loser

Suspended FIFA President and wannabe Mafia don Sepp Blatter lashed out at everyone in a tell-all interview with the Financial Times (paywall link). Blatter said that the decision to give Russia the 2018 World Cup was decided before voting even took place and they had also decided to give the US the 2022 World Cup. He claims that Michael Platini, former head of the European soccer federation, changed his mind at the behest of former French President Sarkozy and voted for Qatar to host 2022 instead of the US (he alludes this has to do with an arms shipment from France to Qatar). Blatter believes this is what prompted the US inquiry into FIFA and him getting suspended. As usual with FIFA it is hard to parcel out the fact from the fiction…

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