October 20, 2015

A Canadian Landslide Ay! Amazon Takes on The New York Times, Drones and Climate Change 


Star Wars just announced a Christmas release of its next movie (see the trailer). So many people’s Christmas’ were just made (or ruined, depending on your perspective).  


Canada: Trudeau Hammers Harper  

The polls hadn’t even closed across Canada before the Liberals (Grits) had secured enough seats to oust the Conservatives (Tories) from power. The result is one of the biggest upsets in Canadian electoral history (quite an accomplishment) and gives the Liberals an outright majority in parliament after some speculated that it could be a hung parliament or even a conservative victory. In the end Liberals are projected to win 186 seats, Tories 102 and the NDP 29. Canada, this is your new Prime Minister. 


Companies Pledge To Try To Stop Climate Change  

81 major US corporations signed a climate change pledge in preparation for the upcoming UN summit in Paris. The pledges are non-committal promises made by the companies to maybe try and reduce their impact on the environment. The companies include GM, which ranks seventh out of eight domestic car manufacturers, and Monsanto, not exactly known for having a stellar environmental record… clearly we have our work cut out for us.          


Confusion In Balkans As Refugee Crisis Persists  

Croatia opened its borders to refugees stuck in a “no-man’s land” between Croatia and Serbia yesterday. Slovenia also opened a border crossing with Croatia, letting in ~5,000 people who had been stuck there as well. As winter quickly approaches, thousands of refugees risk freezing to death as they make the trek across the Mediterranean and into the EU. So far the EU has been unable to stem the flow of refugees.

Amazon Vs. New York Times

Amazon struck back hard at the New York Times yesterday for a piece the Times ran last August about Amazon’s alleged terrible work culture. Amazon’s Jay Carney (formerly of the White House) accused Times journalist Jodi Kantor of misleading the company, relying on questionable sources, sensationalizing and using a “stack of negative anecdotes” to write her story.

GOOD READ: Carney’s Response To Jodi Kantor


Buzzing Drones Annoy US Transport Secretary

The Department of Transportation announced the creation of a task force (an oxymoron) that will look into the registration of drones and their owners. US Transport Secretary Anthony Foxx (no relation to Jamie) said the situation was urgent as the US is expecting a lot of drones as Christmas presents this year. If the proposed legislation is enacted this would mean that it would be easier to own a gun than a drone in the US.        

#pnut4prez: Dubya Fires A Cruz Missile At GOP Race

George W. Bush, the chest and fist bumping former President, defended his brother, Jeb, with sophisticated political criticism of a fellow contender, Ted Cruz. Bush let a group of donors (who had been offered discounted tickets to fill the room) know that he just “doesn’t like the guy.†You know you are in trouble when your own mother says that the US doesn’t want you running and you have to roll out your younger brother…

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Pistorius: Oscar was released from prison yesterday and placed under house arrest for the remainder of his 5-year sentence.   
  • Ohio: The state will take a 14-month pause from executing people as it tries to find the right lethal drugs that will do the trick. One other idea: don’t execute people.  
  • United: Brett Hart was announced as interim CEO for United Airlines after his predecessor had a heart attack 37 days into the job. Here is to hoping his tenure lasts longer than the average United flight delay.  



High School To-Do List: Take SATs, Pick A Prom Date, Hack CIA Director

CIA Director Jim Brennan’s AOL e-mail account was allegedly hacked by a group of high school students who released personal information on up to 20 alleged CIA personnel. The lead hacker claimed that he was motivated by his “support for Palestine.” The hackers, tweeting under the hashtag #CWA, said they were “pretty hype” about the new attention they were receiving, saying “Brennan deleted his account…LOL.” What isn’t going to be LOL is the ankle bracelets that they will likely be wearing for the rest of their lives.

A deciding vote in Canada? 
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