September 29, 2015

Interview with Jim Gilmore, water on Mars, UN antics and Facebook crashed



No, Facebook is not going to charge you for using their services. If you know someone that shared a status about that consider un-friending them, or one of these pranks.




The Rundown: UN General Assembly

A busy day of tweets, selfies and not so subtle digs at each other at the UN General Assembly yesterday as world leaders celebrated the UN’s 70th anniversary. Here is a quick look at the highlights:
  • Obama vs. Putin: The two presidents sparred over Syria. Obama said he was open to working with any nation to resolve the Syrian war but wanted Assad out of power. Putin took the opportunity to say “I told you so,” and said that Assad must stay in order to fight ISIS.
  • Xi: China’s President struck a more upbeat tone, promising to tackle climate change, not be hegemonic and inviting others to “join China’s express train of development.”
  • Rouhani: Iran’s President sent mixed signals during his speech, praising the Iran Deal but criticizing the US and calling Saudi Arabia incompetent.
We will continue giving you updates on the antics at the UN as the week progresses.



Pnut Shoots The Breeze With Jim Gilmore

Over the last few weeks, the Pnut has been stalking the former Governor of Virginia and Republican presidential candidate Jim Gilmore. With the help of our Pnutter community (tweeting #findjim), we finally found Jim. Gilmore has managed to maintain such a low profile that The Donald hasn’t even insulted him yet. He has held few events and taken even fewer interviews, preferring instead direct interactions with voters. He also was the only candidate not invited to the CNN Republican debate. We spoke to him about his campaign and the key issues. Below are some of the highlights.  The Washington Post reported that you have not had “a single formal campaign event with actual voters present,†nor a kickoff rally. Why is that? The Washington Post is misleading people. We made a strategic decision not to campaign in Iowa. We wouldn’t rule out going out there, but we do not believe that is the best expenditure of our resources. What was your reaction to the CNN Republican debate?

I wasn’t included in the debate. It was very wrong to exclude me from the debate. The polling numbers that I’ve seen show me doing about as well as the people who were included, specifically Pataki, Graham, Santorum and Jindal. In some cases, (Graham and Pataki), I’m usually polling ahead of them. So it was wrong for them to exclude me. Quick-fire: Immigration We will not deport the 12 million people who are here illegally. But I would require them to apply for a work permit in order to stay. There would be no path to citizenship if you have gotten status in this country illegally. So I’m opposed to amnesty. I am opposed to Donald Trump’s position that we should begin to eliminate birthright citizenship. I believe young people born in this country are Americans. Quick-fire: Trump I think he’s sending a terrible message to the Latino community… I think suggesting that people in that community are rapists and painting them with a broad brush and talking about changing the 14th Amendment to eliminate birthright citizenship is wrong, dangerous and a terrible message that he is sending to the Latino community. One weird fact about yourself that you’ve never shared before? I tear up in movies… all kinds of movies, particularly movies that talk about American history. My favorite move that talks about American history is “In Harms Way.†I don’t tear up about that one by the way.

 Pnut’s Interview with Jim Gilmore



NASA: Water On Mars Means We Can Send Them The Donald Soon

Good news about the Mars announcement: no aliens. Bad news about the Mars announcement: no aliens! Turns out NASA found evidence of water on Mars, which, despite being a huge discovery, is not really as cool as aliens. But fear not, given that there is water, there is a very real chance that we will find life on Mars… which leaves us with just one question. Can we eat it? Shell Abandons Plans To Destroy Environment In a rare move for the oil industry, Shell decided that it would shut down its $7 billion Arctic drilling operations in Alaska. The move comes as low oil prices continue to eat into the profits of oil companies and third world dictatorships are forcing companies to give up on some of their more ambitious projects. As expected, environmentalists were thrilled by this announcement.

Taliban: Celebrating Like It’s 1999

The Taliban captured a major Afghan city in its biggest victory since the US-led invasion in 2001. Kunduz, a city in Northern Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban yesterday after being under siege for months and less than a year after US forces withdrew from the country.The resurgent Taliban has contributed to many Afghans fleeing to the EU as part of the wave of refugees making it across the Mediterranean.   Keeping Our Eye On…
  • Yemen: An airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen struck a wedding party and killed at least 38 people. The six-month-old war has killed almost 5,000 people so far.
    • Volkswagen: Former CEO Winterkorn is under investigation for his role in the ever-widening emissions scandal. Apparently Audi vehicles might also have been tampered with… Geez.
  • Japanese Theme Parks: Comcast announced it was buying 51% of Universal Theme Parks in Japan. You might be wondering what terrible cable service has to do with Japanese theme parks? We actually have no idea either. 


Facebook Down, Panic Ensues 

Twice in under one week Facebook went down causing panic, angst and turmoil as millions of people around the world had to waste time using only Instagram and Snapchat (maybe even Twitter). Facebook stock was down ~3.5%, although we have no idea if it had anything to do with the crash, which lasted less than an hour. Luckily, people didn’t have to call the police this time.
  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees (HBO)
John Oliver takes on the refugee crisis. 
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