September 18, 2015

“Congratulations you are speaking to Donald Trump”



Happy weekend, Pnutters. Kick back, read our weekend reads and be amazed by these photos. We’ve got some big Pnut announcements next week… even the Donald is excited.


Federal Reserve: Don’t Rush Us Now, We Are Still Thinking

After months of anxious anticipation the Fed announced yesterday that it would keep rates at 0%. The debate around whether or not the Fed should raise rates pit hawks (people who believe that having rates at 0% was fueling inflation and a bubble) against doves (people who believe that if the Fed raises too soon we will have another recession). By holding rates steady Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, gave some breathing room to emerging markets that are struggling with the fallout from China’s economic slowdown. However, most people still believe the Fed will raise rates later this year.
Hungary: So Much For Building A Wall As predicted, the Hungarian wall hasn’t stopped the flow of refugees who are now entering through the land-mine ridden Croatian-Serbian border. At least 7,000 people crossed into Croatia since Hungary closed the border, and another flashpoint has emerged on the Bulgarian-Turkish border as refugees seek alternative routes. The EU, not to be rushed, is having an emergency summit next week. Meanwhile, the EU Parliament has approved an increase in the number of asylum seekers Europe could take, but apparently it is non-binding on the EU states.


FIFA: Re-Defining Corruption Since 1904

FIFA is in trouble (again) after Switzerland approved requests to extradite former Vice President Eugenio Figueredo to the US. Mr. Figueredo is accused of taking bribes to sell marketing rights to the Copa America tournaments and for “fraudulently obtaining US citizenship” — a charge, we assume, that has nothing to do with soccer (football). In an unrelated event, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke was suspended, also for corruption. Geez.   Syria: $500 Million Isn’t What It Used To Be There used to be a time that you could run a respectable guerrilla war with $500 million, alas that is no more. Pentagon officials said that the $500 million program to train “moderate” Syrian rebels has probably resulted in about four or five operational rebels. More people are voting for Martin O’Malley (who is he?) than are part of this program. Meanwhile, Putin seems to be offering a diplomatic solution” to the mess.   

General Motors: Can We Please Put All Of This Behind US?

After two years of “he said, she said” General Motors and the US government finally reached an agreement on the faulty switch debacle that resulted in over 124 deaths. GM will pay the government $900 million and will pay the drivers and families of those who died over $700 million. GM views the settlement as a victory, eager to put the bankruptcy behind them so that they can focus on their next bankruptcy. 

#pnut4prez: The Fiorina Effect

There’s no doubt that Carly Fiorina nailed the debate, but what comes next is anyone’s guess. She spoke to every women out there, shutting down Mr. Trump for his characteristically offensive comments about her appearance and even made him fumble over his own words as he tried to placate her and the audience — a feat no one else has yet accomplished. But time will tell if she will pick up steam from her stellar performance and give the Republicans a shot at having a woman on the ticket.

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Chile Earthquake: One million people were evacuated and 10 people died when a 8.3 magnitude quake hit Central Chile yesterday.
  • Burkina Faso: A coup in Burkina Faso took a deadly turn as civilians were killed while protesting against the coup.
  • Greek Elections: Greece will head to the polls this Sunday for the third time this year. The election should decide if Greece will implement the harsh bailout proposal and stay within the Euro zone.


Elton, The Kremlin Really Needs Your Advice

Sir Elton “Hercules” (yes really) John, a musical genius and LGBTQ advocate, consulted President Putin on gay rights… except not really. Sir Elton believed he was speaking to the notorious Slavic tough guy, but instead he was being pranked by a pair of deeply unfunny Russian comedians. Sir Elton thanked Putin publicly before the Kremlin strongly denied the conversation had taken place. An audio recording of the call was later released. Unfortunately, a follow-up call is unlikely given the country’s history of “anti-gay” laws. Weekend Reads:
  Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton
Congratulations, you are speaking to Donald Trump.
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