September 10, 2015

China’s economy, Apple’s iStuff, refugee quotas and things that end in ‘gate’



GOP presidential candidate Jim Gilmore is currently at 0.0% in the polls (he hasn’t bothered to campaign). This man needs to be interviewed. Help us by tweeting at him (@gov_gilmore) using the hashtag #findjim. We’ve been tweeting at him to no avail… 


China: If It Won’t Grow…Force It

Stock markets around the world partied like it was 1999 when China signaled it would be “more forceful” in using fiscal policy to stimulate the economy. Japanese investors were so thrilled, the stock market jumped 7.7% in a single day. Even the UK saw its market rise 1.4% although UK exports are down ~9%. Despite investor “enthusiasm,” the world economy faces the risk of recession next year with the World Bank warning the US Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates. This is about the closest economic policy comes to being exciting.

 Pnut’s Nutshell on China


Apple Releases ‘Most Amazing’ iSomething To Date

Apple unveiled a new batch of goodies for its fans yesterday including “the biggest news in iPad since iPad” — a slightly bigger iPad. Also a new iPhone, Apple Pencil (Jobs hated the stylus) and Apple TV as part of an ongoing quest to take over what is left in your wallet. The new iPhone 6S features “3D” touch, which, contrary to what the name implies, is not a hologram-esque feature (bummer). The Apple TV will feature a new touch remote/joystick and an app store, putting it in direct competition with the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo Wii. Oh and one more thing… if you want to feed your addiction for all things Apple, check out the full keynote.

GOOD READ: BBC interview with “Woz” on the latest Steve Jobs movie



Refugees: Don’t Worry, Europe Has A ‘Plan’

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker finally got around to unveiling a plan for the refugee crisis: mandatory quotas. One problem is that the quotas are only for 120,000 refugees when Europe is expected to receive about 800,000. Another problem is that some countries (Slovakia) find it an “irrational” policy. As Juncker pointed out, it “represents just 0.11% of the total EU population.” Not a big deal really.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Why the Pnut editorial team uses the term “refugee,” not “migrant.”   

New England Patriots And Things That End With ‘Gate’ Just when we thought all the hullabaloo around the “deflategate” crisis was over… According to ESPN, the reason the NFL went after Brady and the Patriots so hard was because NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had helped cover up a cheating scandal, Spygate, that happened in 2007-2008 when the Patriots were caught filming other teams’ signals. The decision to suspend Brady this time was a “makeup call.”

GREAT READ: ESPN’s report on Spygate meets Deflategate  

The Hangover Part IV: Plane On Fire
What do you want after a week in Vegas? Alka-Seltzer, sleep and a return of your dignity. Unfortunately for the 157 passengers of British Airways flight 2276, they got none of these things after their plane caught fire yesterday on the runway in Vegas. The hero pilot, who was due to retire next week, issued a dramatic Mayday call and after a full evacuation, 14 people were taken to hospital with minor injuries. There was even a Daft Punk intro at a later press conference… only in Vegas.

#pnut4prez: The Trump-Cruz Love Affair

It appears Donald Trump and Ted Cruz found a friend in one another at an Iran deal rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Along with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and Sarah Palin, Cruz and Trump bashed Obama and the Iran deal. Trump said of Cruz, “I like him. He likes me. He’s backed me 100%.” Does anyone smell a Trump-Cruz ticket?

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Shrine Bombings: As the Thai police slowly reconstruct what happened with the Thai bombings on August 17, they have identified a prime suspect of Chinese nationality as the “mastermind.”
  • Middle East: Four years after deadly protests forced the Israeli diplomats to flee, Israel reopened its embassy in Cairo in hopes of rekindling good relations.
  • Greek Democracy: It seems like what was supposed to be a sure victory for former PM Alexis Tsipras isn’t so sure anymore. Opposition party, ND, has caught up in the polls.


Got Writer’s Block In Turkey… Write Gibberish

An internationally acclaimed Turkish journalist, Yavuz Baydar, accused of insulting President Erdogan, has written a column of complete jargon and gibberish as a protest (genius). With lines like “vadu vudu, vududududu” and “voz voz voz,” which mean nothing in Turkish, he meant to highlight that journalists can get four years in jail for insulting the President. For those fluent in Turkish gibberish, read his full article here.
Colbert is back! And he’s got The Donald in his sights… If you are outside the US you can see the video here.
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