August 10, 2015

Iran Deal in peril? Iraqi heat, Ferguson, Haiti elections, Trump and Women…  



It’s Monday and we are here to help you procrastinate. Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge of Republican candidates and below is what we think is a great Pnut to start your week.


Iran Deal: Proving That Democrats Like To Bicker As Well

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer came out against the Iran Deal last Thursday in what may be the deal’s biggest blow to date. Schumer penned a medium post that described his reasoning behind his opposition that echoed many Republican objections (albeit, much more eloquently). The White House struck back, however. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest hinted that this might cost Schumer party leadership in 2016 (hinting = threatening). This isn’t the first time Schumer comes out as a “hawk” on the Middle East. In 2006 he led a campaign against allowing Dubai Ports to own and operate US ports. Wonder if he is aware that Dubai also opposes this deal…

 Iran Deal in a Nutshell


Iraq: Hot Weather Prompts Government Change

One year into a war against ISIS it finally took an electricity outage during an “apocalyptic heat wave” to prompt the Iraqi government to undergo a drastic change. Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has announced some of the most dramatic changes to the Iraqi state since the “introduction” to “democracy” in 2003. Abadi proposed axing the triple vice-presidency which, aside from exacerbating sectarian tensions, cost the government a lot of money it didn’t have (vice-presidents like fancy things). He also restarted corruption investigations and called to abolish sectarian quotas in government. Abadi has the backing of the highest Shiite cleric in the country, Grand Ayatollah Sistani, and the US government for these reforms. Lets hope he can cool tensions faster than a functioning air-conditioner can…


Ferguson: Remembering Michael Brown

Hundreds of protesters marched through the town of Ferguson yesterday to commemorate the one year anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown, a black teenager, at the hands of police officer Darren Wilson. The shooting called into question race relations in America particularly those between predominantly white police forces and black americans as well as the militarization of the police. A year later, and changes are still slow to be found in the town of Ferguson…

Good Read: “The man who shot Michael Brown” – via New Yorker

Haiti: Where Did I Put That Ballot Box Again?

The Caribbean island nation of Haiti has long been the Western Hemisphere’s basket case. An earthquake in 2010 only made their situation even worse. However, after four years of delays the country is finally getting around to its parliamentary elections. The vote went on as planned despite some minor violence and irregularities (standard operating procedure for Haiti sadly). 1,800 candidates competed for 139 spots (and you thought the GOP primary was bad). The country will vote again in October for a new president when President Martelly will have to step down due to a constitutional term limit.

Great Book: “Haiti – The Tumultuous History” by Philippe Girard

Russia: You Can Cripple Our Economy But We Won’t Eat Your Cheese

Last year the Russian Government banned imports of Western food products in response to crippling sanctions by the West after Moscow annexed Crimea. After Putin signed a decree last week, Russia destroyed hundreds of tonnes of illegally imported food including cheese, bacon and fruit. In a country with 20 million people below the poverty line these actions were called “insane” by religious leaders and 285,000 people signed a petition calling for the food to be given away. Putin’s spokesman said although it looked “unpleasant” (see video of cheese destruction here) the food was contraband (i.e Putin could not care less).

Smart Book: “Fragile Empire: How Russia Fell In And Out Of Love With Putin” by Ben Judah 

#pnut4prez: ‘Women Are Tremendous’ According To The Donald

It is unclear who exactly can knock Trump out of the race but it seems like it might actually be Donald Trump himself. After ungracefully trying to dodge a tough question about misogynistic remarks by last week’s debate host Megyn Kelly he went off on a rampage after the show, alluding that she may have been mean to him because she was menstruating. It seems like the comment may have been one step too far, with conservative commentator Erick Erickson withdrawing an invite to Trump to speak at a conservative gathering in Atlanta… Although, if you have been supporting Trump this far… why stop really?   

Keeping Our Eye On…


Indian PM Learns The Fastest Way to Become Unelectable….

Indian Prime Minister and fashion icon Narendra Modi was left embarrassed after his government attempted and then failed to ban 857 porn sites for ‘public morality’ reasons. His Telecoms Minister withdrew plans after the Internet quickly reminded the world that several members of his BJP party were caught watching such footage during a session of the State government assembly. The Supreme Court had earlier declined to ban these sites after a man had sought a total restriction arguing that watching such footage “fizzles the mind” (minds can fizzle?). So if you are thinking about doing anything apart from sending e-mails on your phone at work….don’t.
Colbert’s tearful farewell to Jon Stewart… you will be missed
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  IVY is a collaborative community of 15,000+ next generation innovators who are redefining entrepreneurship, arts, policy and philanthropy. Our mission is to spark great new ideas, advance important causes, and provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.
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