August 27, 2015

Gun Tragedy, Market Rollercoaster, Refugee Crisis, Kosovo and One Tasty Burger



I‘m never eating Oreos again” – The Donald vows tough action after finding out that a US-based Oreo factory is moving to Mexico. Wait…El Donaldo…they aren’t…..




Reporter Shot On Air In Virginia

Former TV journalist, Vester L. Flanagan II, also known as Bryce Williams, shot dead a WDBJ reporter and cameraman, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, while they were reporting live on air in Virginia yesterday. Williams apparently posted pictures of the shooting on Twitter and Facebook. Williams, a former employee of the station, was later found in his car with self-inflicted gunshot wounds and died in hospital. It was reported that Williams sent a 23 page fax/suicide note describing his motives for the shooting which ranged from a need to avenge the Charleston shooting of nine African-Americans and frustration at work. Claiming that “Jehova” had spoken to him to act… The incident immediately renewed calls for strengthening gun-control laws with politicians calling for immediate action.

Stock Market: Roller Coaster, Trap Door And Other Cliches

US stocks rallied like it was 1999 yesterday on news that China was taking steps to contain its stock market crash. The market had lost $2.1 trillion in value over the preceding six days. The S&P 500 jumped 3.9%, it’s biggest day since November 2011. The Dow Jones closed up 3.95% despite the fact that European and Asian stocks fell on Wednesday.Where to from here? All eyes will be on Jackson Hole (not a commonly used sentence) as central bankers from around the world are meeting to discuss the crisis. Coordinated policy responses will be needed to avoid worsening the crisis, especially if the US decides to raise interest rates soon. Unfortunately, Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen will not be attending despite the turmoil (because why interrupt the last week of summer?).

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Germany Takes The lead In Refugee Crisis

Angela Merkel attacked the Far-Right yesterday, vowing “no tolerance” of migrant hatred in Germany. She also opened Germany’s doors to Syrian refugees trapped in a bureaucratic “catch-22” allowing their asylum claims to be processed in Germany. The verb “to merkel (merkeln)” is used by Germans to describe her wait-and-see style. Her leadership is welcome in a continent paralyzed by this growing crisis.

Facebook Creates A Personal Helper That Is Actually Helpful

Yesterday Facebook launched “M,” a personal assistant that “can actually complete tasks.” M will reside inside your messenger app, allowing you to message him/her/it with requests and it can make suggestions, buy things or make reservations on your behalf. Unlike Siri which has you yelling “call mother” 15 times before finally calling your brother instead M isn’t voice based, you just message it and it responds.

Britain Heading For Women-Only Train Carriages?

Britain’s radical left-wing version of Donald Trump and potential opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, decided to ramp up the controversy by suggesting that train carriages could be segregated to stem the rise of sexual assaults on trains. Women-only carriages were last used in the UK in 1977 and opponents have said that this would be a “retrograde” step. Supporters claim it would tackle sexism. Corbyn said he would consult “women” on the issue…that’s very nice of him.

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#pnut4prez: We Want To Stop Talking About Trump…..

Donald Trump re-ignited his feud with Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, by calling her a “bimbo” on Twitter. Kelly co-moderated the first GOP debate where Trump answered a question about sexist comments by making….sexist comments. While Trump was late-night tweeting. Jeb Bush and other GOP candidates tried to talk about actual policy…No one listened.

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • “War” on ISIS: As ISIS recently bulldozed priceless relics in Palmyra and continued their wanton destruction, a whistleblower exposed inflated reports about the effectiveness of the US military combating ISIS. 
  • Curt Schilling: ESPN suspended the former baseball star and analyst when he tweeted comparisons between Nazis and Muslims. His anti-Islam stance is not new as seen with his previous Facebook posts.   
  • South Sudan: After two years of violent conflicts between the rebels and the government, President Kiir signed a truce to halt the fighting. 


To McWhopper Or Not McWhopper, That Is The Question

In the world’s most unlikely burger merger, Burger King posted a peace offering online to McDonalds to put an “end to the burger wars” by working together for one day to produce “one delicious, peace-loving burger”, the McWhopper. In honor of World Peace Day on September 21st all proceeds would be donated to non-profit group, Peace One Day. In a passive-aggressive rebuttal, McDonald’s CEO turned it down with a Facebook post saying “A simple phone-call will do next time“…customers weren’t happy with McD’s response. Below are a few of our favorite Facebook comments on the post:
  • “Once again McDonalds messes up, just like my order last night.”
  •  “A simple phone call to say no would have been a better idea than posting it here.”
  • “Fine. I’ll go to McDonald’s then BK and build my own McWhopper. With Blackjack. And Booze. In fact, forget the McWhopper.”
  • “I choose the crown over the clown any day of the week.”

  John Oliver - Chechen Women vs ISIS
Lonely ISIS soldiers have been “catfished” (lured by someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online personaby clever Chechen Women.
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  IVY is a collaborative community of 15,000+ next generation innovators who are redefining entrepreneurship, arts, policy and philanthropy. Our mission is to spark great new ideas, advance important causes, and provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.
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