August 20, 2015

Big Fat Greek Bailouts, Sierra Leone, Adultery, Slovakian and Japanese Hundred Year Olds



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New, Improved And German-Approved Greek Bailout

The German Bundestag (parliament) approved the third Greek bailout yesterday in a crucial vote that will allow Greece to move onto the next bailout. German Chancellor Angela Merkel got the deal through after an appeal by her “friendly” finance minister (he’s not friendly). Things were a bit more tricky in the Dutch parliament where the PM faced a vote of no-confidence over the Greek bailout. It got testy when the right-wing populist Geert Wilders called the PM “the Pinocchio of the lowlands” and referred to Greece as the “European Junkie.” Is it over then? Nein. There is still much to be discussed regarding the bailout and the Greeks still need to pass a whole bunch of laws (and actually implement them this time). Also, as more leftist hardliners abandon Tsipras, the Greek PM, he may have to call another round of elections as early as September… stay tuned.

Sierra Leone: Ebola Finally Stopped!

Great news out of the West African nation of Sierra Leone yesterday as the World Health Organization recorded zero (yes zero!) new cases of Ebola last week. Contrary to popular belief, the Ebola epidemic “isn’t over yet.” The disease has killed over 11,000 people since the epidemic began 16 months ago. It is uplifting to see Sierra Leone begin to put this chapter behind it.


Slovakia To Accept All Refugees! Except If They Are Muslim…

Slovakia has shown its infinite hospitality by opening its borders to 200 refugees. That is 0.2 percent of the total refugees who arrived in the EU last month. But wait, that’s not all — Slovakia will only accept them if they are Christian. Why? Because apparently there are no mosques in Slovakia so Muslims “won’t like it there.” Apparently, Slovakia is the only EU state without a mosque despite being home to about 5,000 Muslims… Discriminatory much?

Subway Jared Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

Jared Fogle, the guy famous for losing 245 pounds eating only Subway (still not sure we believe this one), pleaded guilty Wednesday to child-sex and pornography charges. The 37-year-old man of Zionsville, Indiana reportedly looped in the executive director (who is now behind bars) of his charity to produce child pornography, exploiting at least one child no older than six. Needless to say, Fogle is going to jail for minimum five years and will pay $1.4 million to his victims. 

I Promise Someone Stole My Email And Put It On Ashley Madison

Some 32 million people are currently living in a state of marital fear as the list of users to the online adultery site is now Googleable. Many users were shown to be government workers, military personnel and business executives who had used the service to look for extra-marital liaisons. Ashley Madison’s Chief Technology Officer said, “There’s no evidence that the data is real.” Errr… it is. Divorce lawyers, always sensitive to personal tragedy, are delighted.

#pnut4prez: Candidates Fight To Get No Vacation For 4-8 Years

The luxury of enjoying the last two weeks of summer off is not something the Commander-in-Chief enjoys. In fact, today’s presidents don’t get time off… ever. From reading boring memos, to commenting on distant conflicts while on “vacation” it’s a wonder that so many people are that excited and competitive about becoming President… Turns out, whoever wins will have Teddy Roosevelt to blame for their perpetual state of exhaustion.

Keeping Our Eye On…

  • Female Viagra? Almost 20 years after Viagra, the FDA approved its female counterpart, Addyi. While a big step for women’s sexual health, the stereotypical (not helping) “pink” pill doesn’t have proven effects and has many warnings, including not to mix with alcohol.
  • Terrorism in Turkey: The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is blamed for the killing of at least eight Turkish soldiers yesterday. Gunfire and arrests occurred outside the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.
  • “Elite” Schools: A recent graduate of the elite New England school of St. Paul’s has been accused of rape by an underage girl. Owen Labrie is accused of raping an underclassman during a ritual known as the “senior salute.”


You Lived To 100! 

Japan has one of the oldest populations in the world. The number of centenarians (people who reach 100 years of age) has been growing every year since 1971. Apparently passing the 100-year mark is old news. As a gift, 100-year-old Japanese people used to receive a sakazuki (a little silver cup), but the huge $2 million bill is now too expensive for the government. They’ve decided to downgrade and now in recognition of 100 years service to your country you will get…..drumroll…..a letter (meh). As the Japanese say, “The hawk with talent hides its talons.” This isn’t relevant but just a great proverb.

LONG-LIFE READ: How To Live To 100 Years Old

No longer Canada’s dirty little secret. Or anyone’s for that matter.
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  IVY is a collaborative community of 15,000+ next generation innovators who are redefining entrepreneurship, arts, policy and philanthropy. Our mission is to spark great new ideas, advance important causes, and provide unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth.
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