July 21, 2015

Cuba Libre-ish, ISIS, Greece (Fireworks!), Bush Schools Walker and more


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“One thing that I won’t do is just say, as a candidate, ‘I’m going to tear up the agreement on the first day.’” -Jeb Bush



Cuba Libre-ish

The US has always been the big brother Cuba wished it never had, but today relations between the siblings are maturing. The Cuban flag flew for the first time in 54 years over its embassy in Washington, DC during the opening ceremony. The US embassy in Havana, Cuba opened yesterday, as well. Although the US flag won’t be raised in Havana until John Kerry’s official visit in mid-August, the embassy did open its Twitter account — arguably an even bolder move. The two countries still haven’t resolved all of their differences, though, as the economic embargo and restrictions on travel remain in effect. The US Congress needs to vote on repealing the embargo… so don’t hold your breath.

Great Video: Cuban flag raised over new embassy


ISIS Strikes Inside Turkey

Thirty people were killed in what appeared to be ISIS’s first attack inside Turkey. The attack targeted a Kurdish activist meeting in the town of Suruc. The activists had been planning to go across the border to rebuild the Syrian town of Kobani. The town has been the focal point of multiple pitched battles between the Kurds and ISIS, resulting in two bitter defeats for the terrorist group. Why is it significant? Because the Turkish government has long turned a blind eye to ISIS as it sought to unseat Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad. After the attack, the Turks have promised to tighten the border, hopefully making ISIS’s life a little bit more difficult.


Greece: In One Door, Out The Other

Exciting day for Greece as it paid off the IMF making the country no longer in default (cue fireworks)!!! Greece used part of the 7 billion euro loan it got from the EU to pay off its debt to the IMF and to the European Central Bank (ECB). Basically, Greece got 7 billion euros to give 2.05 billion euros back to the IMF and 4.2 billion euros back to the ECB… sounds like a lot of funny accounting.

I’m In The Weapons Business, And Cousin, Business Is A-Boomin’

Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest weapons manufacturer, announced that it will buy Sikorsky Aircraft (the manufacturer of the Black Hawk helicopter) for $9 billion. Business has been on the ups for Lockheed Martin, with strong earnings and its share price doubling in two years despite slow military spending growth in the US. The move will allow the company to shed non-core businesses and focus on what really matters to its share price… helping people kill people.

Golf: The Sport Where Time Stands Still

The 144th British Golf Open concluded yesterday with American Zach Johnson dramatically winning after a three-way playoff (dramatic in golf means that you can actually stay awake). His victory dashed South African Jordan Spieth’s hopes of winning a Grand Slam (i.e. all the important tournaments in one year). Sure this is impressive, but it’s nothing compared with the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il’s game. He ever played one round of golf once in his life, shot 11 holes-in-one and then got bored and gave up.

#Pnut4Prez: Bush Teaches Walker How To Be President

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came out strong on the Iran deal only a week after joining the race for the Republican nomination. Responding to the nuclear agreement, Walker said that if elected he would tear up the deal immediately, even suggesting that on day one of his presidency he should be prepared to take “military action” if necessary. Jeb Bush criticized his opponent, alluding to his naiveté when it comes to the inner-workings of the American presidency: “One thing that I won’t do is just say, as a candidate, ‘I’m going to tear up the agreed on the first day.’ That’s great, that sounds great but maybe you ought to check in with your allies first, maybe you ought to appoint a secretary of state, maybe secretary of defense, you might want to have your team in place, before you take an act like that.” Sounds like ol’ Jeb has been around the block once or twice before.
 The Pnut’s Guide to the Iran Deal


Not As Discreet As You Think

There used to be a day when, if one wanted to be adulterous, the only excuse needed was “I’m on a sales trip,” or “just having coffee,” or “hi honey, have you met my personal trainer, Jim?” But now, like everything else, there is a website to make the job easier… so you think. Ashley Madison, a site that specializes in “discreet relationships” (aka affairs) was hacked yesterday. Hackers stole the user information of 37 million users (wow!). They have threatened to release that information if the company does not shut down its site. No matter which way you look at it, society wins.

Entertaining Read: Ashley Madison trolling North Korea’s dictator

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