June 26, 2015

Obamacare, the French get angry, European migration and Modi on your iPhone

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IN A NUTSHELL: MUST READS Supreme Court Upholds US As Developed Country The US Supreme Court struck down the 277th Republican attempt to chip away at the Affordable Care Act (aka ACA, Obamacare or death panels for granny act). The Supreme Court upheld a key provision of the act that allows the government to provide a nationwide tax subsidy to help poor Americans get insurance like any other first world nation. The US Supreme Court’s annoyance at having to rule on the law so often was made apparent when Justice Roberts said that “Congress passed ACA to improve health insurance markets, not destroy them.” Are you still confused about what ACA actually is? So were we so we found this guide from the government that is almost as long as the law itself and this quora page that is just as confusing but amusing to read. 
France Says Non! To Uber
Do you remember the days when you stood in street trying to hail a cab and you ended up having to walk home? Those were the days pre-Uber. The controversial taxi company has disrupted the traditional licensed cab market across the world but no country has got quite as annoyed as France. Today there were protests across the nation as traditional cab drivers rose up against a company that they claim has reduced their income by 30-40%. The Interior Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, had outlawed the service in January but the UberPOP cab service has continued to operate. The issue received global attention today as rock star, Courtney Love (former wife of Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain), was caught up in the protests on the way from the airport. The singer, not known for being overly restrained in her opinions complained that she felt “safer in Baghdad” amidst the unrest. For our US readers we recommend a good old fashioned licensed cab in Paris.
TOUGH NUT: STILL IN THE NEWS EU Fails To Solve Another Crisis
EU leaders are holding urgent talks in the face of a massive increase in the number of refugees trying to reach the EU. Conflicts in Middle-East and North Africa have driven a 150% increase in migration, mostly through Greece and Italy with criminal trafficking gangs proliferating. EU leaders, in their characteristically constructive fashion, have been bickering with each other. Hungary have said they won’t let any refugees into the country and are prepared to build a ‘massive wall’  around the country. Italy has described France’s refusal of entry to migrants from Italy as a “punch in the face” and Greece even used the situation as a political tool (earlier this year the defense Minister said he would “unleash a wave of jihadists” across Europe if the EU did not ease up on negotiations about Greek debt). A human tragedy made worse. This adds to the list of things EU leaders can’t agree on (the Greek crisis, integration, immigration, tax, monetary policy, democracy, Russia, diplomacy and…well…everything else).

Modi Launches App About Modi
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a mobile app yesterday called “Narendra Modi.” The app is described by Modi’s website as an “exclusive opportunity to connect to the PM.” The app has already been downloaded almost half a million times and boasts a 4.8 rating on the Google Play store despite having to collect your personal information (creepy) and some technical issues writing to the PM. Some memorable/disturbing reviews include:
  • “I am connected to my PM every minute of every day… isn’t that amazing!?”
  • “I have always dreamt of interacting directly with my PM.’
  • “Today is father’s day, world’s longest day and international yoga day, once again PM Modi has proven India is the basis of all cultures.”
  • “Amazing.”
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If you are interested in the Europe’s migrant crisis, watch this Vice documentary
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